SwimMAC Carolina


Ages 10 years old and under
“FUN”damentals - To teach SwimMAC athletes entering the sport of competitive swimming a great foundation of skill development & technique in a style that can be fun & fruitful for long-term growth in the sport of swimming.

Lessons Approach


  • Swimmers will learn that outside-the-pool habits & decision-making will have an effect on meets as much as the day-to-day work they put into practices
  • Athletes will compete at the local, state, regional, and potentially national level
  • Progression of racing skills & strategy
  • Character ownership & strength
  • Development/exposure to variety of camp & championship experiences (team to national level)
  • Performance prep (nutrition, rest, recovery, mental edge)


  • Support
  • Serve
  • Layered Commitment


North Region

Sean Ford


South Region

Christie Close