SwimMAC has a long tradition of having some of the best graduating seniors in the country both academically and athletically. We are pleased to share where our student-athletes venture off to each and every year.

Each year as our students go through the college application and/or recruiting process, having the ability to use the SwimMAC network to learn about collegiate experiences can prove to be invaluable. 

With a club history dating back to 1977, we are certainly missing many of our graduates. If you are an alum or have a friend of family member that is, please fill out this form so we may update our records. If there are any other comments, changes or willing alumni who want to help with our alumni projects, please contact Kerry Lindauer at

* = swam on the varsity swim team at some time

 Swimmer Alumni  by Graduation Year 

2015 2009 2003 1997 1991 1985 1979
2014 2008 2002 1996 1990 1984 1978
2013 2007 2001 1995 1989 1983 1977
2012 2006 2000 1994 1988 1982 1975
2011 2005 1999 1993 1987 1981 Non-Swimmer
2010 2004 1998 1992 1986 1980  


2015 Graduates



Kathleen Baker

University of California-Berkeley*

Harrison Barone

Virginia Tech/NROTC

Rachel Bright

The Ohio State University

Caitlin Casazza

University of Georgia*

David Chang

George Washington University

Hope Dragelin

Boston College*

Jordan Ernsberger

Georgia Southern University

Jack Eudy

The United States Naval Academy*

Luke Foody

Virginia Tech

Connor Griffin

Fordham University*

Cole Haaf

UNC Chapel Hill

Mitchell Harwood

Queens University*

Evan Heldman

University of Alabama*

Austin Hill

Virginia Tech/NROTC

Olivia Larson

Brandeis University*

Connor Long

Texas A&M University*

Jeffrey Manchester

UNC Charlotte

Hannah Marshall

Virginia Tech

Catherine Maxey

Texas Christian University*

Rozhina McClanahan

North Carolina State University*

Nora McCullagh

University of Texas*

Trey Poff

North Carolina State University*

Rebecca Postoll

University of Michigan*

Connor Rammacher

University of South Carolina

Sabrina Riehl

Berry College*

Jack Smith

University of South Carolina*

Sara Stranick

University of Virginia*

Lauren Wallace

University of Richmond*

Mary Weinstein

Bucknell University*

Meg Wiggins

University of Tennessee*


2014 Graduates

Student-Athlete University
Luke Abernethy North Carolina State University
John Baker Gardner-Webb University*
Michael Brienza Tufts University*
Anna Brown UNC Chapel Hill
Bailey Burt The University of North Carolina*
Bree Bynum NC State
Rachel Castell Rollins College*
Matthew Cooper Kenyon College*
Zach Cox University of Alabama
Abby Crawford Pepperdine University*
Will Dowd Jacksonville University
Ally Dupay University of Kentucky*
Nicole Emery University of Notre Dame* (Gap Year)
Frankie Gilligan Saint Andrews University*
Tyler Gomez Gardner-Webb University*
Lauren Greenberg Mercersburg Academy (Gap Year)
Peter Hetzel The United States Military Academy
Cameron Hoyer Drexel University*
Chapman Hughes Columbia University*
Madison Jaulin Gettysburg College*
Christina Kresser Universith of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Alexandra Martelle University of Arizona*
Lauren McRae University of Richmond*
Heather Merritt University of South Carolina*
Carter Miller University of North Carolina-Charlotte
Matthew Patetta University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Lauren Powell Universith of Tennessee
Lauren Rhodes North Carolina State University*
Maija Roses University of California-Berkeley*
Nick Santander University of Colorado
Brooke Schroeder UNC Chapel Hill
Maria Sheridan Duke University*
Garrett Simpson Gardner-Webb University*
Christine Sullivan Villanova University*
Austin Toney Gardner-Webb University*
Kaley Tyree Gardner-Webb University*
Elizabeth Weeks North Carolina State University
Elsa Welshofer Princeton University*
Shane Whicker Mars Hill College
Chris Wilson East Carolina University
Megan Woody University of Norh Carolina-Charlotte

2013 Graduates

Student-Athlete University
John Biondi North Carolina State University
Andrew Botelho Washington & Lee University*
Lane Bretschneider University of Denver*
Kate Carter Davidson College*
Michael Chadwick University of Missouri*
Tyler Clem University of Alabama
Patrick Cowley Duke University
Kyle Darmody Auburn University*
Erin Dickerman University of North Carolina at Wilmington*
Ashley Dyke Texas Christian University*
Chuma Eruchala Duke University
Linda Fang New York University*
Peyton Gilbert University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ryan Hall Unversity of South Carolina
Matthew Josa Queens University*
Kaitlyn Kent United States Air Force Academy*
Alex Kirven Washington & Lee University
Meredith Lindbloom Gettysburg College*
Jean Livingston University of South Carolina*
Amelia Loydpierson Kenyon College*
Jack Manchester Harvard University*
Tyler McBee King University*
Hayes McCullagh United States Naval Academy*
Alison McDonough Boston College*
Veronica Mobbs Clemson University
Billy Murch Elliott Cornell University*
Currie Murch Elliott Cornell University*
Katie O'Brian University of South Carolina*
Andrew Petry University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Matthew Rigali Miami University (OH)*
David Sanchez University of North Carolina at Wilmington*
Adair Sloan Clemson University
John Suther Queens University*
Charlotte Weaver Appalachian State University
Dmytro Zaytsev University of North Carolina at Charlotte

2012 Graduates

Student-Athlete University
Nicholas Andrade James Madison University
Lindsay Bosek James Madison University*
Peter Brumm University of Michigan*
Caroline Bryant Auburn University*
McKee Christiansen University of South Carolina
Lindsay Cooper Duke University*
Sean Corcoran MIT*
Kingsley Crane Columbia University
Michael Curry Hood College*
Lauren Davis Mars Hill Colllege*
Shannon Foreman Rice University*
Cara Gilligan University of South Carolina
Jane Glanton UNC-Charlotte
Kevin Glenn Penn State University*
Ellenor Grier Mars Hill College
Robbie Griffiths University of South Carolina
Taylor Guardalabene Emory & Henry College
Clarence G. Harris, III Campbell University
Logan Heck UNC-Chapel Hill*
Thomas Hetzel United States Naval Academy*
Emily Hunt N.C. State University
Heather Isetts University of Georgia
Sierra Johnson Undecided
Casey Jones University of South Carolina
Edward Kielmonowicz UCLA
Ashlyn Koletic N.C. State University*
Melissa Lenentine N.C. State University
Brett Malmstrom Mars HIll College
Carl Matysek UNC-Wilmington
Jacqueline Pennington Undecided
Nick Rhodes N.C. State University
Payton Schrum N.C. State University*
Austin Snyder N.C. State University*
Shannon Spear Rhodes College*
David Stephens University of South Carolina
William Reed Wheeler N.C. State University*
Evan White University of South Carolina*
Andy Wiese University of South Carolina
Ryan Wilkinson N.C. State University*

2011 Graduates

Student-Athlete University
Lauren Aprile Appalachian State Univ.
Alexander Biehl UNC-Chapel Hill
Michael Blinn University of South Carolina
Spencer Clem N.C. State University
Jourdan Cline Kenyon College*
Kip Darmody Univ. of Texas at Austin*
Erin Gaeckle Univ. of Tennesee*
Smantha Glenn UNC-Charlotte
Leslie Hamilton Centre College*
Chad Heider N.C. State University
Collin Higgins Virginia Tech University*
Tyler Hill UNC-Chapel Hill*
Rebecca Jeiger Univ. of Notre Dame
Stephani Kors Univ. of Georgia
Zack Lambert College of Charleston*
Dillon Love Louisana State University*
Nicholas Mannon Pfeiffer University*
Christopher Nelson UNC-Wilmington
Katie Nelson Bates College*
Danielle Oliver Miami University of Ohio
Jordan Pierpont Virginia Tech University
Katherine Plevka Duke University*
Kaitlyn Poff James Madison University*
Haley Powell Florida State University*
Susie Raichle N.C. State University
Preston Roycroft East Carolina University
Alexandra Santoli Virginia Tech University
Andrew Stranick Boston College*
Zane Turpin Washington University in St. Louis*
Haley Weaver Getttsburg College*
Garrett Webster Virginia Tech University
Morgan Yaguda Queens University of Charlotte

2010 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Leah Davis Penn State* 6 years
Christen McDonough Notre Dame*  
Anderson Sloan Clemson*/Maryland*  
J.T. Stilley UNC- Chapel Hill*  
Jake Matysek NC State* 6 years
Sid Lindblom Kenyon* 9 years
Tyler Flemming Duke University* 5 years
Emily Conway University of Louisville* 11 years

2009 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Mack Montgomery Stanford* 2007-2009
Kellie Darmody Naval Academy* 6 years

2008 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Mallory Cage University of South Carolina* 6 years
Rachael Mullen Emory University* 10 years
Lia Reich University of Maryland* 2000-2008
Cole Smith US Air Force Academy* 2006-2008
Graham Webster Cornell University* 2004-2008
Marshall Farrel The Ohio State University* 2003-2008
Peter Amos University of Pennsylvania* 2003-2008
Sadie Ellison Cornell University* 1998-2008
Charlie Hetzel United States Naval Academy* 12 years

2007 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Ryan Markelwitz Elon University* 10
Alexandra Zelin University of Mary Washington* 10
Gregory John Baskwell NC State* 11
Lauren Haser Sweet Briar College* 10
Lindsay Treece Washington Jefferson College * 10
Miranda Reasoner Mars Hill College* 2005-2007

2006 Graduates

Student-Athlete University
Ricky Berens Texas*
David Foard Toffaletti Florida State University*
Mason Brunnick Harvard*

2005 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Brennan Gaeckle East Carolina* 11 years

2004 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Kimberly (Brewer) Wright East Carolina* 1992-2004
Stacie Striplin Boyer UNC Wilmington* 8 years

2003 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Kenan Hunt NC State University 1993-2003
Paul Parmenter US Air Force Academy* 2007-2008
Stephanie Ramsey UNC Wilmington* 1999-2003
Wade Baccich UNC Chapel Hill* 8 years
Matt Angelo UNC Chapel Hill  
Kelly Williams    
Amy Baskwell Norris NC State  

2002 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Julie (Boner) Haylett UNC-Charlotte 1991-2001
Kelsey Mayo NC State 1996-2001
Lauren Van Hoy Robertson UNC Chapel Hill  
Catherine Hazelhurst Whittaker UNC Chapel Hill  
Chelsea Oudin American University  
Clark Barrineau University of Georgia  

2001 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Kimberly Alexander NC State University  
Jason Cooke NC State | Queens* 11 years
Thorn Baccich Princeton University 1996-2001
Wil Trotter UNC- Wilmington* 10 years
William Keith UNC Chapel Hill 11 years
Kellie M Hill UNC Wilmington* 1989-2001

2000 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Andrew Coen UNC-Wilmington* 1987-2002
Jimmy Owens UNC Chapel Hill* 8 years
Rebecca Thomason Davidson College 1996-2000
Vanessa Everett UNC Charlotte 10 yeras
Amanda Kline McConeghy UNC Chapel Hill* 1990-2000
Katherine Kinken Jones ECU  

1999 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Meghann (Clifford) Lintner Clemson* 1991-2002

1998 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Jonathan Friend Ohio University* 4 years

1997 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Robin Little Washington and Lee* 1990-1996

1996 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Ilana Kavadlo UNC-Chapel Hil* 1987-1998
Carter Hull Auburn* 1987-2000
Cindy Corn North Carolina State* 10 years
David Pancotto Davidson College* 1997-1999
Kristin Hull Georgia Southern 1988-1995

1995 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Ashleigh Teague  UNC Chapel Hill* 1985-1993

1994 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Mike Donovan East Carolina University* 1989-1994
Melanie Doule Cox Catholic University* 1986-1998

1993 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Chip Potterton Virginia Tech* 1990-1994
Amy Prior Appalachain State* 1984-1993
Marc Robson College of Charleston 1987-1993

1992 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Suzy Dougherty Sleman Boston University* 1987-1992
Chip Berry Penn State* 1986-1996

1991 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Mike Merrell University of Southern California* 1987-1985
Susan Fisher Paschal Washington & Lee* 1984-1991
Elizabeth Barnhardt University of North Carolina* 1983-1995

1990 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Trish (McHardy) Dean UNC-Chapel Hill* 1989-1994

1989 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Jason Clark UNC Chapel Hill* 1987-1993
Katharina Mumford North Carolina State* 1986-1989
Meredith Brooks Stillman College of William and Mary* 1983-1989
Michelle Newnam Pfeiffer College*, UNCC 1983-1989

1988 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC

1987 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
James Randall (Randy) Mcinnis The Citadel 1983-1986
Ellen Bush Sessions Princeton University  1980-1987

1986 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC

1985 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Mark Canterbury Auburn* 1982-1988
Ginny Johnson Williams Auburn* 1977-1989

1984 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Jim Ferrell East Carolina* 1978-1984

1983 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC

1982 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC

1981 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Scott M Jones UNC Chapel Hill* 1981-1985

1980 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC

1979 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC

1978 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC

1977 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Jim Avery

Indian River & Auburn


1975 Graduates

Student-Athlete University Yrs at MAC
Tim White Johnson C Smith* 1978-1979

Non-Swimmer Alumni

Name University Yrs. at MAC
Jeff Gaeckle Michigan State University '80 * 1981-current